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Vivakor and VivaVentures, a publicly traded Oil Company.

Oil Drilling Funds Can Add Decades Of Monthly Income To Your Portfolio

Beat inflation & Enjoy unprecedented tax advantages associated with oil drilling investments 

This is not a new concept. Drilling funds similar to this one have been around for forever. The concept is based upon the reality of diversification, 1% in 100 wells is far better than 100% in 1 well. Oil and gas exploration is first and foremost a numbers game. Not every exploratory well is going to be successful. But the returns from a successful well can easily more than offset the loss from a dry hole. The risk-to-return figures represented by typical oil and gas exploration pros-pects favor success… But only if you participate in enough prospects so that the numbers naturally even out in your favor. You take a huge risk if you put all your money into only one or two wells. But the more wells you participate in, the better your chances that something is going to work out and make everything worthwhile. That is why we put this fund together… So we can spread our money out into as many quality prospect wells as possible. And, that is why the companies who generate prospects for oil and gas explo-ration are always looking for partners… They don’t want to take one hundred percent of the deal by themselves. So, they look for partners... 

A Partner just like VivaVenture Exploration, LLC.

Vivakor and VivaVentures have established access that allows us to partner up with major publicly traded fortune 500 oil and gas companies.

We are focused on creating value through the development of our large portfolio, which we are calling "The Boutique". A repeatable, low cost, and highly successful drilling opportunity.  

Most would agree that oil and gas is a great investment but one of the biggest hang-ups of investing in oil exploration is the ill-liquidity of the investment. Once you’re in an oil and gas drilling project your usually stuck in it and cannot liqui-date the interest for a profit. The big boys are in the know and have found a way to liquidate wells and sell them for huge win fall. Once a well goes into production, we must wait for a mini-mum of 6 months of production, get an average income collected in those 6 months’. With the new 6 months now factored we now list the wells to be sold individually of as a group. The evaluated amount can be 24, 36, and up to 48 months’ worth of production paid upfront in 1 check from the buyer.   

Vivakor and VivaVentures, a leader in America's energy renaissance.

Making an Illiquid Investment 

Very liquid!

Figuring out how to sell oil and gas royalties can be  tough!  You’re confronted with thousands of options on where to sell oil and gas royalties.  You aren’t sure what the value is and you don’t know how the process should work.   If you want to know how to sell oil and gas royalties for the highest value, we strongly suggest you work with an expert.Here are the reasons you should work with an expert rather than doing it yourself:

  • Maximum Value:  The most important reason to sell royalties with an expert is getting the highest offer.  When you sell on your own, you’d be lucky to contact even 1% of the buyers out there.  By working with an expert you can reach thousands of buyers quickly.    When you get your property in front of thousands of buyers it ensures you get the best price.  When thousands of buyers are competing for your property this competition drives the price up.
  • Quality Buyers:  When you sell on your own, you’re taking a big risk.  There are a lot of people out there who take advantage of mineral owners.   They know that most royalty owners do not know how much their property is worth.  They will tell you that you’re getting a great deal but you’re usually getting a very low offer.   In addition, simply finding real buyers is a challenge.   There are a lot of people who pretend to be buyers and get you to sign a contract and then sell that contract to an actual buyer for a huge profit.  That’s money that should have gone in your  pocket.
  • Speed:  If you want to sell quickly, working with an expert is your best option.   Doing it on your own is time consuming and frustrating.  The fastest way is to work with someone who has industry experience to quickly get your property in front of the right people.
  • Convenience:  When you sell on your own, there’s a huge learning curve.  You have to figure out who all the best buyers are, submit your information, compare all the offers, review the legal agreements, and hope you are getting a fair price.  This is all time consuming and difficult to do.   The worst part is that you’re not even reaching all the buyers in the market so you’re likely selling below market value.  Working with an expert allows you to skip all the hassle and get the best price.
  • Escrow protection:  Once you work out deal with a buyer, how does the process work from there?  Do you just trust them to send you the money once you send the deed?   When you do it on your own you are exposed to the risk that a buyer will take the deed and not pay.

As you can see, there are some very important reasons that you should work with an expert.   You will save yourself considerable time, effort, and frustration and make more money in the process.

New Shale Play in Oklahoma

Continental Resources' New Shale Play in Oklahoma

Companies are projecting $5.5 billion in 2017 capital spending in the STACK and SCOOP plays, according to estimates and reports. 

Continental Resources is expected to produce 194 million to 205 million barrels of oil equivalent in 2017, which translates to average daily production of 532,000 to 562,000 equivalent barrels per day

VivaVentures Follows ConocoPhillips Business Model!

 ConocoPhillips' Nonop Stake In 300 Scoop/Stack Wells

Crude Awakening

Adapting to the New Oil Order: Goldman Sachs' Michele Della Vigna

Canadian County

Recent Completions

Completion Reports September 15, 2017



Continental Resources Inc 

Oil 2532    Gas 6198  

API: 35011237920000 

Continental Resources Inc 

Oil 1021    Gas 29590   

API: 35011237470000 

Devon Energy Production Co Lp 

Oil 1945    Gas 5021  

API: 35011236700000 

Devon Energy Production Co Lp 

Oil 2146    Gas 5342    

API: 35011236820000

Major County


Warwick Energy CEO Kate Richard Joins CNBC to Talk SCOOP & STACK

Blaine County

Recent Wells


ACES HIGH 1606 4-11MH



Campbell 1-26H23H


Ellis County

Recent Wells




MAY 3-21-16